Question 3080 idle temps too high?

Feb 3, 2023
I have a new 3080 10GB Gainward Phoenix. With the stock 0RPM it reaches 60°C (70 hotspot). At 60 the fans start, bringing it down to 40. This goes on in cycles of 15/20 min. Is this normal behaviour?

If I use a custom curve with afterburner the GPU sits around an excellent 30°C. Is it worth the extra (little) noise and fan wear?

What do you think? Fans always spinning vs start and stop every 20 min and higher temps?
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Case airflow is lacking at that stage in particular.
... or, you've got Wallpaper Engine or something similar running that's using a bit of gpu resources.

A steady speed is a little easier on motors than a constantly changing one.
The gpu cooler is part of the case airflow as it is. These 0rpm modes remove it from the equation.
Up to you whether you want to leave it as it is or not.

higher temps
Regardless of load, it doesn't matter if the results are well within spec.
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