Question 3080 or 6800xt? Price difference


May 24, 2013
Hey all. I have the option to get a 6800xt for $75USD less than the founder's edition of the rtx 3080. Is it worth getting the 3080 for DLSS function alone? I am from Canada so $75USD is an extra $100CAD to me. I also saw that NVIDIA is going to implement their own SAM mode in the future and people like that mostly because they have older AMD CPUs that are incompatible with the latest GPUs, that doesn't matter to me as much as I will be getting a Ryzen 5 5600x.

Edit: Also I will be gaming on either a 1080 or 1440p monitor with at least 144hz for refresh rate.


I hope you're not buying a 3080 or 6800XT for a 1080p monitor unless you've got a 240Hz one.

I think both cards are grossly overpriced due to global supply shortages.

The RTX3080 is certainly better once you factor in ray tracing performance (also when you consider the lower image quality of ray tracing on AMD). Moreso even when you consider DLSS.

AMD has SAM for Ryzen 5000 series CPUs only (for now). Nvidia is doing SAM for AMD and Intel CPUs (presumably, don't know when).

NVidia has DLSS, but it's a whitelist feature. AMD is working on similar tech, don't know when it will be available or what its functionality or game support will be. In the past, whitelist features are always doomed to fail because it requires specific/continued attention from the driver team. And no, AI doesn't write its own code (yet)

In my opinion, the 6800XT needed to be priced lower to make up for the ray tracing difference and lack of DLSS. The vanilla 6800 is just way off in pricing. AMD is pretty proud of themselves this year, and it shows. I think we're seeing AMD price-drunk because they have competitive GPUs, and the global supply shortage means they'll (did) sell out regardless of what MSRP they set. I'd rather see the extra supply/demand profits go to the manufacturer than the stores though, so...
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