Question 3080 Ti and MSI Afterburner


May 9, 2019
So this is me new build system, long story short after running everything perfectly .. i am installing afterburner to undervolt my GPU just because it is recommended

But here is the thing, i managed to get a stable condition with .900 @ 1960 with it.. my only issue is that..

before installing afterburner, the GPU fans will not spin when the temps is below 50 .... but now it spins all the time.... its not the temps that is the issue... but the noise

i have tried using the fan curve and set to 0% when it is still 0-50c but it is not following order

once i tried closing the afterburner but it doesnt work, the fan still spinning.... unless my last resort that i tried is uninstalling afterburner, then the fan settings back to default stop spinning when it is below 50c

so what am i suppose to do? i want afterburner but i dont want the fan keeps spinning... or should i just uninstalled it completely? if there is a way to set the fan stop spinning and msi afterburner, please tell me

Thank you and Kind Regards