Question 3080 ti black screen, fans work, does not appear in device manager


Apr 3, 2016
Just purchased a new EVGA 3080 ti XC3 to replace my 2080.

On boot: black screen (monitor says no input), fans and leds turn on, gpu not detected in device manager, vga light flashed on motherboard. Going back to old 2080 everything works fine.

Other specs:
Ryzen 7 3700x
NZXT B550 motherboard
Corsair 32gb 3200mhz (2x16) ram
EVGA 850w Gold Semi-modular PSU

More information:
  • 3080 is plugged in with 2 separate cables, not daisy chained
  • while 3080 is the plugged in, I remoted into my computer and viewed device manager: 3080 does not appear in display adapters (visible or hidden)
  • Hwinfo also does not recognize card
  • while remoted in my desktop resolution is tiny
  • DDU in safe mode and shutdown before replacing card
  • reset CMOS
  • computer is plugged in with ethernet on startup
  • manually attempted installation of nvidia drivers v516.94: FAILED because of "it's not compatible with this version of windows

Can't automatically insert photos but here's a small captioned imgur library of screenshots

I've seen other threads with similar symptoms, but they solved their issues with solutions I've tried, hoping maybe there's something I've missed. Thanks!