Jun 21, 2022

I want to upgrade but im not sure what to choose and was hoping for some help.

My current setup is:
3080 Rog strix OC V2
32 GB Ram
850 Psu

Im going to upgrade my processor, its been with me a few years but its starting to get old. i mostly use my pc for gaming and just bought a odessey G9 ultrawide monitor. Im not sure where to go for the 12 or 13 generation of intels processors, the 13 generation is expensive!
My 3080 graphics card is just a few months old but im thinking about upgrading so i can play smoother in 5k on my monitor, my pc struggles now.. But i was wondering if u should go for the 3090TI or the 4090, maybe 4080?

If you have ny other thougts about my setup or tips im gladly taking them. Regards.