Question 3090 GPU Load at 60 Percent and 100 percent power consumption while Idle

Jul 19, 2022

I have build my new system for work .

aurous master x570
128 gb ram
3090 xlr8
1000watt psu platinum
fractal meshify 2 case

OI have been realizing that my machine is running hot lately, so i was using hwinfo64 and my gpu temp is 70 and gpu load is at 60 and also taking full power draw while i am literally doing nothing .

the funny thing is that when i open the task manager it goes back to normal, temp drops to 55(IN hwingo64 aswell), and load in the low 1-12 percent maybe 60 watts draw. this issue is also with my cpu, but not as much.

I now keep the task manager open always to keep the system normal. sound and heat returns to normal when i do this

Does anyone know why this may be . luckily i caught this issue before it could do much harm.


For reference , my EVGA 3090 FTW3 under full load (TimeSpy) with GPU +100 Mhz and MEM + 800Mhz OC runs 51.2 C peak/max with fans at 40% on 480 radiator. Under gaming loads around 47 C peak/max. Increasing fan speed to 100% only reduced GPU temp by 1.4 C.

TimeSpy GPU score 21385, CPU score 16087 (AMD 5950X) overall score 20378 ... CPU temps 42 C under max/peak loads (Cinebench multi-core) ... CPU is vapor chilled (sub-ambient).