Question 31.5" Curved Monitor only working with 1 laptop, but with other laptops, it has vertical and horizontal lines

Jan 29, 2023
I purchased two identical 31.5" curved monitors (Acer ED230QR SBiipx, 165Hz 1ms GTG LED). for my boys for Christmas, both appeared to be working fine. One of my sons got a new laptop yesterday and when he plugs it in to his monitor, there are vertical & horizontal lines (not coloured just lines in the screen), it's almost like looking at an old b&w tv (kind of fuzzy, blurry, lined but with the colours you would see of his background etc..).

His laptop works fine on the other identical monitor I purchased
We then tried two other laptops on his monitor and the same issue is occurring however the weird thing is that we have one laptop that the monitor works fine with.

We've tried a factory reset on the monitor and also tried the HDMI cable from the working monitor.
The refresh rates match for laptop & monitor and all settings from working monitor are identical to monitor we are experiencing the issue with.

Any suggestions/tips for things we can look at to try and fix this? I can post information on the the laptop that works with it vs one that doesn't if it helps, just let me know what info is needed.