32 bit or 64 bit os?


Jan 30, 2010
I am confused. When checking to see if my computer is a 32 bit os or 64 bit os I find I am unsure. I checked the system information and see x64 dual core on the processor line and 32 bit on the system line. What does that really mean? Will a scanner/copier/printer copier work which will only work on a 32 bit os work on my system or do I need to update my system somehow?


Your computer is 64 bit capable and your operating system is 32 bit, this will not create any problems for you with hardware or software. If you have less then 4Gb of ram 32 bit is fine.
In any case to upgrade to a 64 bit system you would need to purchase a new 64 bit operating system and do a clean install. That would involve backing up all your data, installing the new OS, finding 64 bit drivers for all your hardware, reinstalling all your programs.
Stay with what you have.