Question 32" IPS 1440p at 230 euros?


Oct 2, 2015
Is anybody familiar with this monitor?

I was looking for a budget 27" 1440p IPS monitor, but then i came across this thing. ALL of the 27" 1440p screens i found are way over 300 euros, how is it possible this monitor is so cheap, and why doesn't AOC have a similar alternative for 27"?

I'm sort of tempted even though i'm afraid 32" may be too much for me (i'm coming from a 23" inch screen). Pixel density may also be an issue all though i believe 1440p on a 32" is more or less the same as 1080p on a 23" monitor.

I've been looking for a 27" inch alternative at this price but i just can't find any, not on anyway, and i'd rather buy from them because of the return policy.

BTW, one quick question about 1440p. I assume interpolation isn't going to be great on a monitor this cheap, but is it going to be noticeable when watching movies, streaming videos etc? Games i can play at 1440p but all the movies in my collection are at 1080p. I heard 4k screens are capable of reproducing 1080p images without any loss in quality, but a 32" inch 4k screen already shoots me at over 400 euros, which is quite a jump.