Question 3200 Speed RAM running at 1064.1


Aug 17, 2017
Your ram is fine. You need to overclock it. All rams run at JEDEC speeds, which are WAY under 3200mhz. You need to overclock your ram to hit 3200mhz. Not to fear. Intel created this nifty standard called XMP. Your XMP profile is inside your ram. XMP enters in an overclock for you (you have to set it in bios). Your XMP will allow you to hit 3200mhz. Note that XMP is only guaranteed to work if your ram is on the QVL of your motherboard. If not, you should stress test it to make sure it is safe. If RAM is not stable it will silently corrupt your OS. For stability testing, use Prime95 Blend for 24 - 48hrs, HyperPi 32M, AND (you need to run each test) Memtest HCI 1000%. I personally always check because your ram could be bad and corrupt your OS, but this is very rare and it will usually BSOD if its bad. If your ram is not safe at XMP because its not on the qvl, you have to manually overclock. You could lower it to 3000mhz or (if you know what your doing) loosen the timings and keep it 3200mhz. Finally, if you have Ryzen, always test because the processor is not good with ram and will not work with XMP a lot of the time. I used ryzen and had 3600 ram but had to settle for 3466 actual speed because xmp didn't work. Note: XMP not working on ryzen is bad at faster speeds and 3200 is likely not going to fail



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