Question 3200MHz RAM speed without XMP ?

Feb 6, 2023
Hello - Trying to upgrade my RAM on a Lenovo Legion T5.

Currently running 2x8 Lenovo Ram @3200.

However, with XMP in the BIOS I cannot find RAM to upgrade and maintain 3200.

i7-10700k on Intel Comet Lake Z490

Based on what I know about Lenovo's in general, there is likely no XMP setting available, the motherboard will go off of the JEDEC frequency and timings of the memory you install.

You will need to find ram with a JEDEC profile of 3200mhz, not an XMP profile of 3200mhz in order for it to run at that frequency.
First of all, do you really NEED 32gb of ram?
If you are only gaming and not multitasking, then perhaps not.

When you are running as normal, look a windows task manager and access resource monitor/memory tab.
Look at the hard fault column. If you see activity more than a zero rate, then you can use more ram. If the rate is zero, there would be little benefit.