32mg radeon 9000 or 128 firegl t2 for laptop?


May 13, 2004
i am about to purchase a thinkpad t41, but i am not sure which video card to choose, the 32 meg 9000 radeon or the 128 firegl t2. i can only choose between these two (because IBM says so). i heard both are poor for gaming, what do you think? which one would you choose? which is more stable and which one is more powerful? i can not answer what i will use it for, because i'm a college student who is not sure what to major in.
I'd go for the FireGL T2 it's based on the R9600mobility chip, and has alot of raw power. I'm not sure that it would be THAT bad in gaming, but definitely has more 'potential' in my mind. There may even be a way to driver mod it later.

Anywho, that's my two frames worth.

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