Question 34' budget monitor - resolution vs. refresh rate


Apr 4, 2019
A programmer looking for an ultra-wide monitor to replace my two 10 years old, 24’ Dell monitors.

LG 38GL950G would be my dream monitor (and size) but it’s way too expensive.
Since I am not going to invest in my dream monitor, I want to invest as little as possible to get an acceptable monitor.

I’m currently working from home so I mostly code, but my normal usage are:
  1. Browsing/Reading - 50%
  2. Programming - 20%
  3. Photo editing - 20%
  4. Gaming (CoD, GTA, F1) - 10%
I’ve been thinking of getting the AW3418DW (1000$) but it’s price is getting "close" to my dream monitor and I want to go lower to avoid a buyer's remorse.

So, the options that I dug up are:
  1. LG 34GL750-B () (700$)
  2. Samsung 34SJ55W (700$)
  3. LG 34UM69G-B (450$)
I’m not too worried about a low refresh rate (and the lack of G-sync).
I am concerned however about going 1080 on a 34’ monitor.
Seems like Samsung is my best option though I am not too enthused about the VA panel.
If the 34GL750-B is unanimously better, I might as well go with the 34UM69G and save the 250$ (which I don't see the extra value)

Listed prices in my country.
1080P on a 34 inch monitor is a bad idea, the pixel desnity would be qtoo low for a desktop monitor. I would aim for a 1440P at the very least

You might want to look at some of the non name brands such as AOC, Spectre or Viotek. I have a Viotek monitor myself and have been very pleased with it, it also uses a Samsung panel so the image is quite good. I know Viotek makes a couple 34 inch monitors and they are in the 400-600 range.