Question 34" Monitor Recommendations


Sep 6, 2019
Good afternoon guys,

I know this has been discussed many times but this is unique to my current setup. I'm looking for a 34" monitor to place my previous triple Asus VG248QE setup (144hz, 1ms, 24"). I play some FPS such as Doom Eternal, BF1, Half-Life 2 based games and primarily my gaming/sim is Assetto Corsa Competizione and Flight Simulator 2020. I have a Next Level Racing F-GT racing rig and for now I will have a table that goes over the rig to have the monitor in the same spot that the monitor stand from NLR would go.

PC specs:

16gb G.Skill Flare X 3200
Gigabyte Z270 motherboard
Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super

Budget: $500 (including tax unless there is a monitor right at the $500 mark that's worth it). I would love to have a 43" or a 49" ultrawide but they are out of budget (unless you can convince me otherwise for another $200 or so added on)

Want: At least a 34" ultrawide QHD monitor (preferably curved). Ideally 100hz+ on the display and it must be at 1440 resolution. I will be using Display Port to connect to it. I don't care about built in speakers since I use a Hyper-X headset or my Logitech Z623 speakers with a Creative soundcard. I do not play eSports or play competitively. Just want more real estate and good performance for my racing/flight sims.

The models I did look at so far have been these:

  • AOC CU34G2X (144hz, curved, 1ms - but online reviews say it's realistically 4ms) $430
  • Asus VP348QGL (75hz, flat, 4ms) $450
  • MSI MAG341CQ (100hz, curved, 8ms GTG) $460 was $40 at microcenter for July/Aug
  • Samsung S34J550WQN (75hz, flat, 4ms) $430 was $380 at microcenter for July/Aug
  • LG 34WN750-B (75hz, flat, 5ms) $500
- Samsung C43J890 (120hz, flat, 5ms) $750

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