Question 3400g vs 1600 for web browsing?


I would get the "g' -- since you have to have a separate video card if you use the Ryzen 1600. If you already have a video card to install, then get the 1600. It will have guaranteed BIOS compatibility in any motherboard you purchase.

Which one should I get for simple uses like web browsing?
If it's truly an option I'd suggest 1600... particularly the 'AF' model that just came out.

Reason being modern browsers are becoming ever more multi-threaded making cores and execution threads increasingly helpful when you get more than a couple browser tabs open at a time. Especially if you do a lot of things with active controls, like browser games, etc., you'll notice the difference. And it will only get worse as developers take advantage of the new hardware. That's the inevitable way of things in computing, always has been.

I know the iGPU is nice but a low-end graphics card as good as the one in the 3400g isn't that costly. Again, if you're mulling this as an option I assume you'd thought on that already, you may just be needing a bit of confirmation it's a wise to spend the little bit extra. So yes....6 cores/12 threads for web browsing is a good choice over 4 cores/8 threads in this day and age for web browsing.
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