Question 3440x1440 vs 3840x1600 vs 4K


Aug 15, 2011
Hi all, I'm in the market for either an ultrawide QHD or 4k gaming monitor (currently on an ASUS QHD 16:9 g-sync monitor). I heard lots of pluses for ultrawide in terms of immersion but 4k also offers that sweet pixel density. Would love to hear testimonials from people that preferably have experience with both.
I don't do any content creation so the whole curve display image distortion thing doesn't matter to me. Not into Valorant or Overwatch so the fact that they don't have great support for 21:9 doesn't bother me either. And if I go with ultrawide, should it be 3440x1440 or 3840x1600? I know the first one is more popular but I've seen some that just look weird with the relatively narrow vertical screen real estate. The latter choice might seem "fuller"?
Thanks for any help!
IMO, it doesn't matter.
Everyone's eyes are different, but to me, anything above 1080p is the same.
3440x1440p is a really good sweetspot for ultrawides, and just feels better than 1080p. and while I haven't seen the difference between 3440x1440p and 3840x1600p, having seen the difference between 2560x1440p and 3840x2160p, it's quite small in my opinion.

having a 100hz refresh rate and being an ultrawide are quite pluses though.
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