$3500-$3999 budget, need advice


Sep 1, 2010
I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and plan to do a full upgrade when I get back. My question is should I wait for the next generation Hardware or will it be worth it to start buying components now so when I get home sometime in 2013 I have everything ready to go.
Also would it be better to go 1156 or 2011. I have heard that Intel is retiring the 2011 socket. Is that true?
I am upgrading from my current Rig which is in my public profile. Money really isnt an option but try to keep it under

$4000 so go nuts.

Approximate Purchase Date:Sometime in 2013

Budget Range: $3500-$3999 after everything is said and done

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Benchmarking, Movies, surfing the net

Are you buying a monitor: Yes

Parts to Upgrade:
Cpu: Intel

Gpu: Preferably Nvidia but I am open to AMD. 2 or more

Mobo: Open to suggestions. I have had a lot of luck with my asus though
Ram: Again I have had a lot of luck with g-skill but open to suggestions.

Cpu Cooling: Water Cooling. Not an all in one unit.

Gpu cooling: More than likely air but if you can fit it into the budget, water.

HDD: I will probably keep my 1TB Seagate barracuda for storage. But may add at least another TB

SSD: Atleast 256MB possibly 2 for Raid

Disk drive: Will use my current

Case: Rosewill BLACKHAWK-ULTRA Gaming Super Tower

Psu: My 1000W Kingwin lazer if possible

Monitor: 24" LED backlit

Keyboard: no

Mouse: Yes
Do you need to buy OS: no

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, Frozencpu

Location: Fort Riley, Kansas

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, or Better

Additional Comments: I know it will be overkill but I have the money and nothing else to spend it on. I love overclocking and pushing everything I can to the limit for Benchmarking. I know it accounts for nothing but I love doing it.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Cause I can and want to

Again I still have about 6 months left in this deployment so if the latest and greatest will be released before I get

back just let me know and I will wait. I am also open to any suggestions for any piece of hardware.



May 29, 2007
Have a look at this this is you havent already:


Its "only" 2k$, but there is very little if any reason to purchase anything more. Maybe go all out and get only SSDs instead HDD to waste more money... I'm not sure I'd do that even if the money wasnt a problem as it seams wasteful, but than again I always built best price/performance computers for my own $.

As you may know, reasonable ultra systems top out at 1k$. You get significant diminishing returns in speed after that. It may be far wiser that you get a 1k$ system now, and simply save the money and upgrade again in a year, or even every six months. You can get good money by selling your 6months old system, and just pay a bit extra from the stash of money you saved "now" and be using the ultra 1k$ at all times.

The down side to the 1k$ system is much as a any other computer- it gets obsolete as a faster one comes out in a couple of months.

That brings me to when to get the computer- wait for the last week, the very last moment- just when you're about to start using it- and shop then. Buying earlier makes only sense if you plan to use it sooner. Prices go down, performances go up, so shopping later always makes more sense and only in very few cases it doesnt -like the flooding in Philippines causing the HDD prices to go significantly up instead of going even lower. So if you exclude natural disasters- shopping later is smarter.

Also, you could keep your eyes peeled and look out for good deals on non cpu/gpu/motherboard prices. CPU/GPU tend to get the most performance boost from the next generation, and motherboard is likely tied to CPU purchase. RAM/HDD/SDD/Monitor/Case/Fans/Mouse/Keyboard/anything else that I missed is likely to be as good now as it is to be in 6 months. Looking for a good deal regularly on these guys between now and the point you purchase CPU/GPU/Mobo makes a lot of sense.

One final bit of advice- get a TV- 42" or larger- even if your room is only 10x10ft. Dont get a monitor. They are expensive relative to their size and dont offer any perceivable benefits compared to most modern TVs. Maybe even get a 3x 42" 3d Tvs and use them for eyefinity 3d setup. That would be sweet... if a bit of an over kill.

If you get a TV, get a comfy sofa and forget about computer table. Comfy sofa>>>>>>> best computer chair ever.


Sep 1, 2010
Thanks for the reply's.
Soda, I like your build. There is a few thing I would change but all in all it would be a nice rig.
eodeo, I understand that it is overkill and I have always built price/performance rigs myself but this time I would like to go above and beyond and build an absolutely ridiculous rig this time around. I know I could go with a TV instead of a monitor but I would prefer a monitor/s. Also I am not new to building and I know the longer you wait the cheaper you can purchase hardware for. That is usually due to next gen hardware releases.
The one thing I am concerned about is I know Haswell is due to be released sometime in the summer of 2013 so I am unsure if getting an Ivy Bridge is the best choice. I know that Haswell will be set in a different socket (1150 which I am pretty sure is replacing 2011) but will any of them be released that are 1155 (if so I could upgrade to Haswell later on) or is it going to be another complete chipset, socket overhaul.