3500+/A8V to E6600/Asrock 775dual-vsta, so-so upgrade?


Jun 11, 2005
How much of an improvement would I see in gaming going from this

Asus A8V deluxe
AMD 3500+ single core
4 sticks of 512mb DDR1
ATI X800xl , AGP

to this for $330:

Asrock 775dual mobo ($59 newegg)
E6600 processor ($270 local)
keep 2 sticks of 512mb DDR1 to save $$
keep X800xl agp card

The Asrock will let me use 2 sticks of DDR1 only. This board is appealing because it'll let me use an agp card, and a pci-e card & ddr2 when I get around to it, and my old ram as well.

I do have a 7600gs in my wife's system, but I'm reading my x800xl is better for games. The rest of her system is so much different than mine, I'd do a 3dmark test or something myself if it wasn't. She hardly uses the thing though, so it's tempting.

Will I see a marked improvement for games? I play at 1600x1200 mainly, or at least I try to with my current setup:) The other alternative is to spend another $150 for a 965P Gigabyte board, $100-$200 for 1 or 2gb ram, and at least $200 for a pci-e video card. Not sure if I wanna shell out $700+ at the moment.

Decisions, decisions:)


Nov 23, 2006
Hi, from what I can see from what you propose, you want to go from 2Gb ram to 1Gb just to get a faster cpu for gaming.

The only time I would expect this upgrade? to do anything is if your cpu is maxed out when playing. As most newer games are more reliant on GPU performance I would expect that you might actually go backwards.

My recommendation would be to save your money and go PCIe when you can afford it.