[SOLVED] 3600 vs 9700K


Jan 20, 2014
I am planning on building a new PC. It will be used almost entirely for gaming. I never stream or run video editing software. I also plan on buying a new 1440p monitor and would like to get a good bit of life out of this PC and run games at >100 FPS. I can live with 60 FPS in 3 or 4 years. I am bound by a budget and only have so many dollars to spend. Which scenario would be better.

Current Build (the important stuff):
i5 4670K
GTX 760 2 GB
Corsair H100i v2 cooler (will be re-using this on new build)
1080p monitor

Current Prices:
Intel 9700K - $360
AMD 3600 - $200
AMD 5700XT - $400
GTX 2070S - $500
GTX 2080S - $700

Scenario 1 - Intel 9700K paired with a 2070S or something similar (possibly 5700XT).
Scenario 2 - AMD 3600 paired with a 2080S or something similar (use the cpu savings to spend more on a gpu).

It's not a perfect 1:1 swap in price, but close enough. I'm also not sure what the 2080 prices will be in the coming weeks once the 2080S drops. I would imagine in the neighborhood of $600. Maybe that's a better middle ground?

Really the question comes down to power. Is the 3600 going to be enough to take full advantage of a 2080 ( or 2080S). I know the 2080S isn't out yet, but they are similar enough to compare.

After watching countless YouTube review videos on the new Ryzen launch compared to intel this is the only question I have not seen answered.

Thank you
Both builds will give you your requirements listed above. The only difference will be that the i7 9700k will give better upfront performance in games. However as triple A titles performance demands increase, the R5 3600 will out perform when those increased demands call for extra multicore performance. That being said I can understand if you'd like to choose the i7 9700k's superior up front single core performance over Ryzen, however at 1440p the difference will eventually be negligible and bound by the graphics card. Therefore i'd choose the 3600x over the 9700k, to save money for a better graphics card where performance demands will be needed most, triple A gaming at 1440p resolution.
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