Question 3700x/5700 Hibernate/Post Issue


Oct 11, 2011
Hi all, I'm experiencing a minor but kind of annoying issue with my system. The main issue is the system will not hibernate/sleep and seems to hang when attempting to do so. I also experience this when I move my mouse to wake the monitor back up. I have to hard shutdown the system and then when I power the system back on it usually take 3 restarts before it enters the bios recovery screen, I then do F1 into bios and simply F10 to save the settings and I'm back into Windows. I've done a good bit of stability testing and and have no issues. I'm also able to game for hours with no crashes or instability to note.

Note: My ram is overclocked to 3600 using the ryzen ram calculator with a little bump in DRAM voltage to 1.4, however, raising this makes no difference. I'm also running SOC voltage at about 1.1v using offset. PBO is enabled in the BIOS as well. I also am using Morespowertool tool to overclock my 5700 to 2150mhz but the issue was occuring even at stock clocks.

I believe the issue started when I added the Powercolor Red Devil 5700 to my system but I honestly cant recall 100%

**Event Viewer doesnt seem to give me much except the following.. Windows failed to resume from hibernate with error status 0xC0000411

System Config:
Asus x470 Strix Gaming-F (Latest BIOS) I also have a dead x4 pcie lane which I dont use)
EVGA 1000w Supernova Platinum
3700x (Latest Ryzen Master)
16GB Team Group 3200mhz (B-Die) OC'd to 3600mhz
Powercolor Red Devil 5700 (Overclocked to 2150)
intel i210-t1


Aug 4, 2019
Hi, I suppose you did a fresh windows install when you got your Ryzen 3700X right ?

Also, are all drivers up to date, did you got your chipset drivers from AMD page:; and also the latest drivers for the GPU:

Anyways, check this out see if it helps:
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