Question 3700x AIO cooling suggestion

Jul 28, 2019

Doing a new rig build video for my 3700x, however, I have a question regarding cooling. I recently bought a K500 Cooler Master Case and they shipped it with a ML120R RGB cooler for £70. Is a 120mm AIO good enough for OC-ing to 4.1-4.2 with a well ventilated case.

I have used a 360mm for an i9900k build for a customer which worked amazingly and a 120mm on a 2700x for a customer, the latter working really well at stock cpu.

Either way, the AIO was pretty much free and I'm wondering if selling it and buying a 240mm.

Has anyone used a 120mm AIO to cool a 3700x and what's you opinion?

Thanks 🤙
First. you don't have much reason to OC 3700x as it boosts over 4.35GHz on one to 4 cores with other ones easily hitting 4.1 - 4.2 GHz. so you may even end up with less, specially single core, performance by OC-ing to those numbers.
I don't think that single radiator cooler like 120mm would be enough for 4.4GHz overclock which is only OC that makes any sense in this case. My CM Nepton 140XL which is double thickness and 140mm push pull fans is coping fine though.
As 3rd gen Ryzen relies much on temperature, with better cooler you will get higher boost automatically.
I did some testing with all core OC at 4.3 GHz and still got a bit lover single core score (501) in Cine Bench r20 than with auto boost (PBO2) with 509 score. BIOS and AGESA code are still not at their best so that may improve even more.
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