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Question 3700x and gtx 1080? Or 3700x and 2070?


They're both good - The 2070 has a bit better performance and is newer architecture. I don't think the 1080 is available new anymore.

Would any of these bottleneck?
Throw the term bottleneck out of your vocabulary. When it comes to CPUs and GPUs, the term is misused so badly to the point of uselessness.

Ignore all bottleneck calculators. They are COMPLETE GARBAGE. Likewise with any "experts" who tell you to worry about bottlenecking.

It's all a matter of:
  • monitor resolution
  • monitor refresh rate
  • if the monitor has FreeSync, GSync, or neither
  • what specific games you play
For example: One game on your PC could have the CPU being the weak-link in the system, while another game on the same PC would have the GPU as the weak-link because it's far more graphically intensive.

There's no such thing as a perfect balance between GPU and CPU.


I'd say they can easily handle 2560x1440. Even 3440x1440 shouldn't be a problem.

I run a GTX 1080 at 3840x1600 (kind of 75% of the number of pixels of a 4K screen). I imagine I'd need to turn details down some if I were running the latest triple-A titles, though.
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Pizza PowerXYZ

Apr 28, 2019
if you want to stream then the 2070 is what you want
If the 1080 is the ti variant than you could get that
The 2070 is nice as i have it, but I suggest to get the super variant if you can


Or, the 5700 non-XT. A tiny fraction slower than the 2070, and significantly cheaper.

Most problems seemed to go away since the 20.2.2 version drivers, and, it's been speculated (at least between myself and another poster, but it's only a guess on our part) that the problems with AMD drivers/cards seem to be more likely with the top-tier cards - in this case, the 5700 XT.

I went in on a 5700 (MSI Evoke OC) for my son's PC in March, figuring if it gave me headaches, I'd return the card. Used DDU to completely remove the previous drivers, shut down, removed the old card (a PowerColor RX 580 8GB), installed the new card, and installed the Adrenaline 20.2.2 drivers.

It has been completely trouble-free.

Yes, I always use DDU, even if the card I'm putting in uses the same drivers as the card I'm pulling out. I do this both for Nvidia and AMD cards.


Aug 4, 2019
I have a Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 2070 and I run 1440p @ 60Hz without an issue. Most games I tested usually gives around 75 FPS (AVG) at high/ultra details (it could be even higher, and above 100 FPS but it depends really on the game, some simulators I use like Eruo Truck 2 and Amercican Truck can be played at 1440p everything maxed out and scaling at 300% or even 400%), while 1% low is usually at around 62 FPS.

Some games I tested are Shadow of The Tomb Raider, BF5, Dying LIght, Middle Earth Shadow of War. All this while keeping discord and browser open, and with AMD PB2 (Precision Boost 2) disable, so I imagine if I enable it FPS will be even a bit better.

Im waiting for a bigger sale on Red Dead Redemption 2, I really wana see that game at 1440p