Question 3700x black screen

Dec 6, 2019
I just upgraded from a r5 1600 to r7 3700x
the pc could boot like normal but when it is full load it crashes and shows black screen
for example I cannot pass a cinebench even everything is on stock it shows black screen half way finishing it
when it shows blacks screen everything is off (keyboard, gpu etc) except the cpu fan is spinning at 100%
the debug light of cpu is on
the only thing I can do is to power off the psu because the power button is not working

here is my spec:
CPU: R7 3700x
Ram: Crucial 16gb (2x8gb) 3000mhz cl15 Ballistix sport lt
Motherboard: MSI B450i gaming plus ac
Gpu: Sapphire 5500xt 4gb
Case: In win a1
Psu: In win a1
Ssd: 1tb samsung

what I have done:
  1. reinstall windows
  2. clear cmos
  3. update my bios
  4. using only one ddr4
thank you for reading my question
Dec 6, 2019
what the wattage on the psu?
could test with another psu

what the cpu/gpu temp during the game?
the wattage is 600w bronze 80 plus
I'm going to test with another psu tmr
the temps are fine
cpu full loaded at 72c
gpu 6x c
thanks for replying


It sounds like a PSU issue.

Might be worth your while to unplug and re-plug all of the boards power connections...especially the 8 pin CPU plug.

If it still crashes after re-plugging and trying another PSU I would pull the cpu and verify the chip pins and CPU socket on the board are clean...maybe some lint or thermal compound got caught in there from cleaning the old thermal compound from the 1600.