Question 3700x issues on B450m Aorus Gigabyte F50 Bios.


Jul 13, 2013
Im helping a friend troubleshoot her pc for work and need fix asap. Contant BSOD giving tons of different errors. POsted this on AMDhelp but i might get more attention here.
Also this is the event viewer error log View:

Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: rx 5700 8gb sapphire
CPU: r7 3700x stock settings
Motherboard: Aorus b450m latest bios
RAM: dual channel 16gb corsair vengeance pro. 3200x running 2133 while testing.
PSU: FSP dagger 600w gold
Operating System & Version: windows 10 latest version
GPU Drivers: latest
Chipset Drivers: latest
Background Applications: radeon software.
Description of Original Problem: Running fine with 2600 and upgrade to 3700x and bsod started happening.
1 Already tried unplugging and replugging everything.
2 changing psu
3 updating chipset and drivers to latest version
4 clean format
5 changing peripherals
6 replacing board with the seller but same board different unit
7 changing ram
8 changing board from aorus b450m to msi b450i solves the issue but its not her b450i and just bought the b450m and the seller wont change anymore since its not their products problem. Also they dont want to change it to a different unit since its opened already.
9 installed EC firmware while on F50 but dont know if it fixed the issues since im using a dual channel ram.

It seems like the latest F50 of gigabyte bios has some issues with 3700x? I got the board on f50 out of the box.
It gave me tons of bsod errors.