Sep 23, 2012
Dont say i7 is overkill because I like to abuse my PC.

Anyways, I won't be spending money on fans for the thing, the only fan I will use is the 4 in-case fans along with 2 fans on the GPU, and 1 fan on the CPU that comes with it.

Is the .1 ghz extra noticable/worth it? and cant I just OC a little bit with the 3770k stock fan?

Also will the 3770k power work with a H61 DGS?

Also, who would be the bottleneck on running minecraft extreme render distance, the i7 or the 7950 DD stock settings. for anyone who doesn't know, extreme render distance is 9x the distance of far, meaning FPS/9


Hey there,

The only real difference is that processors with a K on the end are capable of overclocking. Since you are not doing that with stock fans, etc, get the plain 3770.

Edit: no do not overclock with the stock fan. I suppose you can, but buying high end parts and abusing them seems stupid. A cooler is an extra $30 on a $2000 machine.


If you are putting enough money into a system to be considering a $300+ processor, it seems like a shame to cheap out by not getting the K edition and a half-decent upgrade fan. You will be kicking yourself in 6 months for that $50 you saved that you've forgotten about by now.

Get the 3770k, a z77 board and a $20-30 fan like the Hyper 212.


Nov 5, 2012
Also don't forget that a stock Ivy Bridge i5 or i7 is more than enough for any game. Overclocking does give you more speed, but definitely not in all games. I don't overclock any more as I don't see a point. There are also very few games that can actually take advantage of the i7. The bottleneck there is the 7950 either way though.
^Going off of what he said, the ONLY difference between the i5 and the i7 (aside from a minuscule, irrelevant clock speed boost) is that the i7 has hyperthreading. Unless you make a living off of programs such as photoshop, video editors, music editors, ect, that make use of that? Don't get it.

Games don't use hyperthreading, so it's a waste of money. Buy an i5-3570k (Which can stand abuse JUST as well as an i7 can.) a $120-180 z77 chipset motherboard, and a Hyper 212 EVO heatsink.

That combo will outperform an i7 non-overclocked in games any day of the week, and will let you take the money you saved to put towards an even better graphics card. (Or an SSD.)


Nov 12, 2012

That monitor has a 5ms latency, if I was you I would shoot for a 2ms latency one