3850 or 4650. real confused


Oct 31, 2009
Hi guys.
I am a casual gamer, and have limited budget. I mostly want to play gta4 on low/med settings. I have the 2 cards 3850 DDR3 512MB and HD4650 DDR2 512MB in my budget. The 4670 is a tad costly, so I am not considering that. I have a 450W PSU. Also the 3850 ( http://www.lynx-india.com/index.php?productID=3303 ) is from Palit. And the 4650 ( http://www.lynx-india.com/index.php?productID=3612 ) is from Asus, which I think is clocked a little higher. I am really confused. Can someone guide me? Considering that I am not an avid gamer, i just need a basic card which I'll probably be using to play certain games only that too occasionally.
The 4670 is miles better than the 4650. Go ahead and stretch your budget; it's not worth it otherwise (you'll be needing to upgrade AGAIN soon!).

Also, I think the 3850 requires a 6-pin PCI-E power connector, which most 450W psu's have.