Question 3900x build for a first timer

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I was going to do Single player games in 4k on tv and fps and racing in 1080p on monitors so id like as much as i can reasonably get. is triple screen that much of a tax on a GPU?
I went with the WD Black, Thanks.
Cant find compatible Samsung RAM, is there another brand for OC?
I saw in reviews of the Meshy that it was made with some asphalt inside and fumes were a consistent problem for people so I was trying to stay away from that.
Thanks once again for the Help and the time out of your day.
Three monitors is not especially taxing for the GPU in itself. 4k gaming is.
I wasnt talking about samsung dimms. I was talking about ram with samsung b die ICs. Some g skill, corsair, team group, and many other brands kits are samsung b die. Basically youre looking for 14-14-14-34 or 16-16-16-36 timings. Its also much more expensive than other dies.
You must be talking about the bitumen used as sound dampening in the meshify c. Dont worry about that, since the amount of bitumen in the case isnt enough to give you cancer or anything even if you ground it up and inhaled it. And bitumen is the least volitale petroleum fraction, so its really hard to get it into the air and into your lungs without extremely high temperatures.
My build theme was a gaming/streaming and a music/video production rig with the ability to withstand a few years time
With OCing what components can I do it to safely for production? RAM?
should i get components capable of OCing? Should I stay with stock AMD fan?
If I only look to use one maybe two 3.5 drive bays will it still work with the GPU?
If you are making money from this machine or down time hurts revenue, then don't overclock. The down time and possibility of failure is not worth it.