Question 3900x or 9900k

Jul 10, 2019
hello so in my country the 3900x is (combined with more expensive mobo) like 90 euros(99us) more expensive than the 9900k
paired with an RTX 2080 SUPER 1440p 144hz monitor i will use the build for gaming (mostly) and autodesk maya and stuff
im really back and forth but i dont know if the 3900x is worth the 90 euros more(in case i wont upgrade my 3200 ram to 3600) especially in gaming i have seen some really big differences!
i dont know how the 9900k will perform in my renders (its still a HT 8 core) as i come from an 3770k!
any suggestion or help?thnx!!


Aug 4, 2019
Hi, and No, thats a no :)

The 3770K is a 4 cores / 8 threads CPU
The 9900K is a 8 cores / 16 threads CPU
The 3900X is a 12 cores / 24 threads CPU

Thats not the same, the 9900K is a ultra huge step foward the 3770K

If you are sure gaming is your main task, then the 9900K is a great choice, keep in mind you will still need to get a really beefy air cooler or atleast a 240mm AIO water cooler.

As for Ryzen, the main thing is to be around DDR4 3200MHz, 3600 seems to be the sweet spot, but its more important to get a really good 2x8GB Kit DDR4 3200, than a basic or low end 3600MHz one.

EDIT: About the CPUs, a thread is a logical core, and is not the same as real Physical Core. The threads count as a logic unit, but they are more limited than a physical core and can't perform at the same level. So you can think of a thread like a lightweight physical core. Is there, helps you out a lot with the tasks that can make use of all the threads you have, but can't perform the same as the big brother the physical core.
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If you are just gaming, consider a i7-9700K.
Use the savings for something else like a better graphics card.
Few single player games are going to use the full 8 cores.
If your gaming is primarily multiplayer, then buy ryzen with many threads.
I agree with Geofelt. The 9700K is great for gaming and really it's pretty much on par with the 9900K in most gaming scenarios. The 9900K only offers an extra 30% more power via hyper threading and a little bit more cache. It's not really worth the price premium over the 9700K.