Question 3900x or 9900k?


Sep 4, 2018
I'd mainly use my PC for content creation (Premiere Pro, Photoshop) and would like to know your opinion. Almost all of the articles are from the 3900x's launch, but I guess there have been improvements since then in drivers and bios. In my country the 3900x is 100$ cheaper than the 9900k, and seems better in my opinion, but people say the 9900k performes a bit better in live playback in Premiere. I don't know if it's even noticeable (For those who has 3900x, is there any lag in playback?)


Nov 22, 2018
If you use your PC mainly for content creation, you shouldn't even look at the 9900k. The extra cores and threads help with all things content creation. I have 3 PCs, one with the 3900x, one with the 9900k and one with a threadripper 3970x. As of now, I haven't seen any performance benefits the 9900k has over the 3900x except gaming where you will get a 5-10 fps improvement over the 3900x. If you care about that then sure, go for the 9900k otherwise going for the 3900x is a much better choice.
Even though an older post, there are some changes today so..

The 3900X against the 9900K = the 3900X any day but do not discount the new 10900K which does just get the better of the 3900X at 10 cores and 20 threads with a 5.3 boost. Of course, where value is concerned the 3900X wins out even against the 10900K.

Numbers below on 10900K in Premier and Photoshop..
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'In your country' says a lot. Says there's problems getting the latest and greatest, unless you are willing to overspend, so 10th Gen equipment is going to be very expensive.

Yes, the 10900k is usually better than a 3900x, a 3950x would be the step up, but that's put against value overall, and the 3900x is no slouch and doesn't require the over massive amounts of cooling that rendering a monster 5.0+GHz 10/20 Intel requires, nor a top of the line motherboard. The 3900x is easily tamed by most decent mid range boards and decent average cooling.

You say the 3900x is $100 cheaper. Not really. It's that, plus the oversized psu, oversized motherboard. You can easily tack on another $200 or more right there.

Value-wise, you can't touch the 3900x, not unless your projects pay enough and often enough that the extra initial cost will more than reimburse you the difference in short order.

Mario Italia

Jul 12, 2020
Current gen Intel isn't worth buying anymore unless they get price drops or you REALLY need every little bit of single core performance.

Ryzen 3000 series is pretty much on-par in single core with competing chips and destroys them in multi core.