Question 3900x overclocking


Mar 10, 2016
So everywhere I have read that there is no point in overclocking the ryzen CPU'S. I guess in my scenario I disagree. When running normal stock with my custom water loop during heaving gaming my cpu runs at 4.15 ghz all core. This is in like cinabench, battlefield, prime 95, lumion basically any sofware that utilizes or puts the heaviest amount of load. Now this speed comes at about 1.34 to 1.36 volts. Temperature usually don't ever get above 70 C even after the loop is heat soaked. I must have a good chip because I have a stable overclock of all cores at 4.3 ghz at 1.35 volts and my temperature stay about the same as stock with pbo on. For me the 4.3 ghz overclock manually gets me an extra couple hundred mhz and doesn't effect me at all. Also I think the gigabyte bios is messed up because during idle my chip will sit around 1.41 volts and not that its stuck at 1.35 volts the chip runs a lot cooler at idle and about the same during any task. I guess i would say overclocking is beneficial per each chip. Im really happy with what this thing can do. Isn't really a questions just wanted to put my two cents in since there seems to be a lot of controversy over overclocking the 3900x.

My system
Gigabyte x570 master
3900x at 4.3 Ggz @ 1.35 V
32gb Trident Z royal @ 3600 mhz cl 15
Evga 2080 Ti FTW 3
Evga 1000 w power supply
EK custom loop