Question 3910 RAM,graphics card slot.


How many GB of RAM can I add to this PC

Minimum, total of 64GB DDR4. IF given that you have H610 chipset MoBo with only 2 RAM slots. If you have better chipset MoBo and/or with more RAM slots, that maximum can increase. Absolute maximum, with Z790 chipset MoBo, and 4 RAM slots would be 128GB DDR4. But better consider maximum as 64GB.

and can I add NVDIA graphics cards?

Correction: one GPU, not several.

And that too depends on the PSU wattage you have in there. PSU in there is either 180W, 240W or 300W. Meaning that you can't put any proper GPU in it, if any at all.

If the PSU is 300W, then best you could put in there, is GTX 1650, which is 75W GPU. But if PSU is lower capacity, 180/240W, then it isn't enough to sustain dedicated GPU.
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