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Oct 9, 2015
how long do you folks think its going to take before I can print out Christmas dinner for my family as they are always hungry. 30-40 years before we have one in every home making dinner at will? (replicator?) just wondering because I think its not that far away.


Already a few food printers on the market. Some pretty neat chocolate and sugar ones.

NASA was looking at this stuff quite a number of years ago. I recall they had a pizza type food dispenser that would print a crust, add sauce, and then cheese. I don't believe it did the cooking though.

Protein synthesis is still in its infancy. There is artificial lab grown meat. (By all accounts, awful so far)

The root issue with food printers is they basically need print ready materials. There is no machine taking raw elements and making each food component. In reality that concept is so energy intensive it will likely never be a thing. More economical to let natural processes do the work.

Now something that takes a base type of material and can add flavoring, texturing, and shape is somewhat feasible. Akin to Asimov's obsession with yeast cultures being used as substitutes for all major food types.


Just had this "vision" of the Food Cartridge warning labels:

Do not eat raw contents. Do not refill. Use only OEM food cartridges. Store at proper temperatures. Keep cartridges away from small children and hormone overloaded teenagers. Contents may vary and produced foods are serving suggestions only. Visit our website for nutritional information and further safety information. Etc. etc...

Bon Appetit

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