Question 3D viewing from any (or almost any) cell?


Aug 13, 2009
I got a 3D camera and although its viewer show very good result, its battery has a low maximum charge thus I'm looking for another viewer. The former native capture is side-by-side (SBS) and I tried to have the movies shown by anaglyph (on a 2D monitor) and I can't get a good result from the viewer and converter I managed to make work, I know there's more but I wasn't able to make them function. I was mainly thinking about a 3D monitor but I'm concerned about my limited desk space, so I'd have to place it somewhere else and switch.

I was recently provided with a somewhat recent cell phone and I thought perhaps there could be a helmet rig for any cell, any OS and any software (or almost). Right now I'd like to play the SBS videos on the recent phone Android OS using VLC. I don't know what I'll have in the future and I'd rather not limit myself, I'd rather take any opportunity for affordable upgrade, even if that mean changing OS, and possibly limiting software.

Do you know of such rig that you tried yourself or know of a--reliable--recommendation?

Thank you for your feedback
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