Question 3D viewing on plain 4K monitor with 1ms FreeSync?


Aug 13, 2009
I have a 3D camera with an attachable viewer but looking at its 3D content uses about the same battery as taking it; I'd rather use the battery the least possible as I know it has a limited # of cycles. I've looked for affordable 3D viewing, both VR headset and monitors, in vain. I know there's non-dedicated solution like Google Cardboard but I don't know its effectiveness.

I've been thinking that even though my FreeSync 4K monitor with 1ms response, a U28E590D, is not made for viewing 3D that maybe there's a way for my SBS (side-by-side) 3D content to be shown in 3D on it since the bottom half of it is free to display something else during that viewing, as it's currently doing (another window content or the rotating background of my desktop), and that bottom half could be showing an indicator for which eye is to be hidden and that 3D polarizing glasses would detect it and act accordingly. So that after installing the 3D polarizing glasses driver or 3D viewing software, viewing the 3D content without those glasses the bottom would be showing switching content from black to another color (ie white), through the 3D polarizing glasses the bottom would only be black.

I assume since the total response time for the 3D content would be 2ms, that it would be slower than with a specialized 3D monitor, I could just move my head & eyes slower and doing so would result in something quite close to if I'd move as slow on a monitor made for 3D viewing.

Thank you kindly for your assistance

Update 1

For an example of the content I referred to, see the playlist SBS 3D of my channel.
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