3DMark 05 variations


Mar 20, 2009
Hi, noobie here.

My spec

i7 920 @3.8 ghz
asus ramapge ii extreme
corsair 1600 ddr3 ram
NVidia GTX 280

I've run 3DMark 05 on my computer (it's the only one I don't have to pay for) and have some results which I would like some feedback on, if you don't mind.

At stock speeds (2.66 ghz) the results are: 21548 3D Marks
: 21530 CPU Marks

When I overclock to 3.8 ghz my results are of course higher but they vary. So

@3.6 Mhz I have

Test 1: 24347 3D Marks
: 29949 CPU Marks

Test 2: 28137 3D Marks
: 29802 CPU Marks

CPU marks are fairly close, but 3D marks are very different. I closed all other applications and nothing else was running at time of test. Can anyone explain this variation? Much gratitiude.