3DMark06 question


Jul 15, 2009

I just have a quick question about running 3DMark06.

I have MSI ATI 4890 OC (factory OC @ 880mhz/999mhz) with q6600@stock, 650w OCZ GameXtream psu, 4gb ddr2 ram.

When I run the 3DMark06 at a default setting, FPS tends to fluctuate greatly for GPU tests 1-4.
For ex: On GPU test 1, the FPS starts out around 60-70, but then quickly drops to 25-30, and keeps fluctuating from 60-70 region to 25-30 throughout the entire GPU test 1.

Is this normal or is my card acting weird?


Apr 23, 2009
I don't have the same GPU as you.. not even the same company (gts250) but i get the same thing, high 70's in the beginning, drop, drop, then back up to 70.

Hopefully someone with your same GPU and CPU will post, but i would think ideally as long as your end scores match up roughly as they should then it is working fine.
It's completely normal. Your FPS will vary greatly depending on what is going on at any certain point in the game. Like at first you are sitting in a cabin area of a ship, there is nothing going on, your team is just sitting there staring at a wall.
As the doors open though, and you emerge into the outer bay area, there is a whole lot more going on, and a lot more graphics being processed at once. You will notice that the FPS goes up when you are zoomed in on a specific area, and drops when you are zoomed out taking in more of whats going on all around.