[SOLVED] 3pin vs 4 pin noctua A6 fan?

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I'm planning on getting one of these:

I have a 3 pin to molex adapter lying around so I'm going to cut off the end of the adapter and solder it to a 2 pin fan adapter, creating a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter. At the other end of the adapter I want to place one of the above fans. Both exactly the same price, and will be used in the same way. My thinking is: get the pwm fan as the spare pin will do no harm and may come in handy if I ever decide to use it with a motherboard with more pwm fan sockets in the future.

So to summarise, whether I use the flx or pwm fan, they'll both be going to a black and red 2 pin socket, so fixed rpm and voltage. Are there any other considerations I am missing, and if not, does it really matter whether I choose a 4 pin or 3 pin fan for my setup? I was going to get 3 pin but now thinking about the 4pin just to future proof myself.

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