Question 3rd drive that should not be there. could use some help.

Dec 25, 2018
Hi im wondering if i could get some help with my file explorer. Everythings working fine and im cautious to change anything but im curious. I have a decent build with a 1070 and a 2600x. all drivers are up to date etc. I have a 2TB HDD and a 500 GB SSD. Those are my only drives. However i seem to have a third drive in file explorer and im not sure why. The third drive is called "Windows Boot" and is down as a D drive. It contains 1 small notepad file called "desktop.ini". From looking it up this file usually appears on peoples desktop randomly. I was also able to find out it should be in the user/desktop file and controls how the desktop is controlled or something. What should i do about this ? Its annoying and im not sure if it means iv done something wrong while installing windows 10. Maybe i created an extra partition or something ? Any help is appreciated

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