Question 3rd monitor - Cannot reach correct res/refresh rate

Dec 9, 2020

I have built my desired triple monitor setup, however I cannot configure monitors to reasonable res/refresh rate.
This runs from a Dell Latitude 5400 laptop with Intel HD 620 - Spec here Ports on Laptop are 1x USB-C, 1x HDMI, Multiple USB 3.1 Gen1
I have a Dell WD19 Dock connected to laptop via usb-c (both not thunderbolt) - Spec here Ports on Dock are 1x HDMI, 2x DP, Multiple USB 3.1
Connected to the dock I have two ASUS VP228HE - Spec here (one via hdmi port, and one via dp port with dp2hdmi adapter) Ports on 22" monitors are 1x HDMI, 1x VGA
Finally, I have the ASUS VP28UQG spec here however regardless of the method, cannot get this to a reasonable resolution/refresh rate. Ports 28" monitor are 2x HDMI, 1x DP

This comes to the end of my knowledge of how to resolve. I have tried the following:
  1. Connecting the monitor via hdmi on laptop - ISSUE display is very blurry/has drag lines/lacks crisp contrast.
    • Settings are either 3840x2160 by 24->30hz or 2560x1440 (or lower) by 24->60hz.
    • Regardless of the refresh rate selected, the display does not change "blurriness"
    • I understand from the Graphics spec above - the Graphics card only supports upto 24hz via hdmi port. So I believe this is causing the issue here...?
  2. Connecting the monitor via the same hdmi port on the laptop (with a hdmi to DP converter (upto4k)) into a DP port on the monitor.
    • This has the same outcome as point 1. I believe this is again limited by the hdmi port on the laptop supporting upto 24hz
  3. Connecting the monitor through the Dell WD19 dock
    • As I would need to keep one VP228HE monitor running through the dock (from lack of ports on laptop) this does not allow me to alter the resolution between monitors (so would be 1920x1080 which looks awful)
Is there a way I can get this to run correctly without a blurry display on the 28" (main) monitor?

I did wonder if it's possible to use a USB 3.1 Gen1 (not USB-C) to DP cable directly from the Laptop however I have not seen this cable available.
I did also have a worry that the monitor is faulty/as no matter how I connect this to any laptop (I have tried a different Laptop - Lenovo Thinkpad E570 i7), the display is still blurry.

If there are any other suggestions or questions I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you