3x 12v rail at 17a gtx 580


Jul 17, 2011
Hello im getting a zotac gtx 580 amp2 for my sistem now i have the problem of power supply, i have a power supply that states it has 3x 12v rails 15a, 17a, 17a and it also states its a 1200w will this be able to support this card?

i have a i5 2500k, 1hd ,1 dvd reader, and 8gb veangence crosair ram at 1600hz
So if each of your three rails delivered their max rated power, that would be 49amps.

wattage = amps x volts. 49x12=588. That is no 1200W PSU. It's at best a 650W... but given the labeling it likely cannot be trusted. See the PSU guide linked in my signature.