Info 3x EVGA GD 600w Teardown - 3 different PSUs, 1 name!


Preface: This originally was intended to be a quick tear down of an EVGA GD600 I received as EVGA Bstock. I had previously done a teardown of a GD600 in 2020 and uploaded it to the (now defunct) Jonnyguru website. As that is now gone, I wanted to post the teardown of the GD600 to Tom's, however I figured I should take some updated photos since the photos from the original teardown are poor quality. When I opened up the GD600 today, it looked oddly familiar, and I realized that it was almost identical to the High Power unit I recently opened. I looked back on the other 2 GD600 units I had previously opened, and realized that these 3 units were all completely different inside, despite all being labeled "EVGA 600 GD!"

While all 3 units had the same model number written on the sides of the PSU, these units do have slightly different model numbers printed on the bottom of the PSU.
Model numbers ending in R1 and R3 were purchased as bstock (manuf refurb) units from EVGA directly. Bstock PSUs have their original model number stickers replaced with a new number ending in R#, so I do not know the original model number. Model ending in B1 was not bstock and instead was purchased on eBay secondhand.

Here are photos of the inside of all 3 of these. The first one is the only unit I still own, and the only unit where I made a list of some of the components utilized.

EVGA 100-GD-0600-R3
OEM: High Power (HL1-J?)

Hold up cap 105c 400v 560uF Rubycon
All other electrolytics: Daewoo 105c
Polymers: ??
Bridge Rectifier 2x GBU806
Supervisor IC: SiTI PS224
Fan: Poweryear PY-1225M12s Sleeve Bearing
DC-DC PWM controller: Anpec APW7159c
2x Infineon 6R230P6
Infineon SR280 CE
UnitedSiC UJ3D0650615

EVGA 100-GD-0600-R1 (appears similar to V1 non refurb)
OEM: Appears to be FSP?
This is not the same but looks similar:

EVGA 100-GD-0100-B1
OEM: ? iirc forum members over at Jonnyguru suspected it was Andyson.

This means that EVGA is using AT LEAST 3 different platforms in the EVGA GD 600w! While all of these models have a lot in common in terms of topologies and overall layout, the units are completely different, and may have very different performance. This is very confusing, as there is very little differentiating these units, and this could result in buyers seeing a review for one EVGA GD600, but spending their money and receiving a completely different unit.

The only real way to differentiate them is by the fan grille. B1 had a wire fan grille that screws from underneath, R3 has a wire fan grille that screws from above, and R1 has a flower shaped stamped cutout.

There may be more versions than just the 3 pictured above as there is also an R2 model that has been sold Bstock before. (screenshot from april 2021)

Overall, this serves as a bit of a PSA, as well as general information about the GD600.
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