Question 4.960v when gaming, is that normal?


Sep 15, 2016
Hello, dear TH community. I come to you because the volt range of my PSU changes from +5V to +4.960V when gaming. I don't know if that is normal or could be a signal of the PSU getting older. I tried with and without a power surge (connecting directly to the wall plug) and the little oscillation was the same as described above but ONLY WHILE GAMING. I will share some screenshots from HWMonitor and you will see my temps were normal while gaming, let me describe with more detail:

-PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold 850W modular
-Cpu: i58400
-Mobo: Asus Z370-P
-GPU: RTX2060 Asus Rogstrix (3 fans)
-Ram: 16GB
Windows 11, all drivers, BIOS up to date

While gaming my CPU is always around 52C° max (tower fan), GPU depends on the game but it rarely goes beyond 73C°. I was monitoring Overwatch and it never went down from 144FPS, so even if the voltage was showing + 4.960 the FPS were steady, all temps super steady, so on...Maybe I'm being super picky or maybe I never noticed that little oscillation but I really want to be sure that everything is ok. Also it would be great to know if there is a more accurate software than HWMonitor.
Image 1
Image 2

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback you could provide. Have a great week!