4 Beeps system timer failure


Mar 24, 2012
Last week I performed an external build on my computer and instead of posting, it gave me 4 beeps which according to the bios it has means a system timer failure. The most common answer I received was that it was a defective motherboard. Today I received a replacement motherboard and I am getting the same 4 beeps on an external build. Could a different part be defective? Please help.


Dec 15, 2012
there is a jumper for it. It's just below the control pins (where you put switch, pwr led, hddled) If I recall correctly it's called "CTRL" Something and it's 3 pins. It also says on the MB : "jumper on pin 1 2 , normal. Jumper on pin 2-3 CMOS reset". To reset the CMOS you simply disconnect the power, the bios 3V battery, and you put the jumper on pin 2-3. you wait ten second and you put the jumper where it was on 1-2. This is how's stated on asus manual. I'm being battling with this mb, I suspect mine as some kind of issue with the northbridge, it might need a reflow.