4 beeps then shuts down with Asrock Z87 E3 motherboard?


May 1, 2015
For a little insight to the problem..

I was reorganizing some wires near my computer. One of them got stuck and when I pulled it, it sent the computer tilting down. Luckily I caught the computer before it hit the ground (Though my ground is carpet, so it probably didn't change much).

Though the computer case was safe, the on screen display froze. When I shut down the computer and rebooted it, it went into this weird loop where it turned on, beeped once, turned off, then after a couple of seconds it turned on again, and turned off. Then that pattern repeated again. I did some quick research and did a quick remove and reinsert of the RAM and it seemed to have started fine, then I lifted the computer case back vertically.

At first it booted normally and I could surf online, but then I got the blue screen and the same problem now with 4 beeps (Turn on, 4 beeps, turns off, waits a bit, turns on, turns off, loop). So I set it back down and did that RAM replace trick again.

So far it's working (As I'm online now), but I've got a computer with an open case lying horizontally on the ground, I have no idea if it will bluescreen/loop on me again, and I have no idea what sort of damage could have occured/what connections might have come loose. Does anyone have a clue?

PS: I'm not very computer savvy but I built this computer myself, so I'm able to take out and reconnect any loose connections. However, I won't have access to the internet while doing it so I'm trying to get as much info as I can before digging around to prevent being shut off permanently.

TL;DR: Computer toppled, turns on then 4 beeps then turns off, what should I do?


Mar 29, 2015
I'm having the exact same issues. I just spend £150 on RAM that was compatible and still not working! Their customer support is dreadful as well

Vic 40


First of all,better to start your own thread,
second,you almost dropped your pc to the floor as well? Doesn't sound like it.