4 cores different temperatures?


Sep 11, 2009

CPU: i5-750
HS: Cooler Master Hyper 212+AS5
PSU: OCZ 550
MB: Gigabyte P55-UD2

Okay I just put all my parts together and turned on the computer. Its been on for maybe 10 min. I went into Bios and is it normal for the 4 cores to be different temps? I'm thinking I didnt do a good job applying the AS5.

Core 0: 27
Core 1: 22
Core 2: 28
Core 3: 24

I used the Arctic Silver's instructions on applying the grease (one horizontal line in middle), but I know there's a different methods to apply grease on exposed heatpipe HS's. I did screw in the HS using the diagonal screws method and I evenly screwed each one until were all tight, and even twisted the HS a few degrees back n forth.

Are different temps normal?