Question 4 Displays - 3 Extended and 1 Duplicated?

Mar 30, 2019
I currently have 3 displays hooked to my GTX 1080 all connected with DP in 1440p. All of which are in extended desktop. An Acer Predator 34x ultrawide surrounded by 2 Acer Predator XB271HU 27s.

I'd like to hook my TV in the other room to the HDMI port. (Which I have done and extended 4 screens). However, it's a pain to slide applications across so many screens and then guess where it is in the other room.

My question, can I leave my 3 displays in extended.... and duplicate the TV in the other room with say my right side monitor?
If you right click on the desktop and select Display Settings. You can select the display you want to duplicate. If you are unsure which is which select Identify. Then select the display you want to duplicate and scroll down to Multiple displays. If you click on the dropdown you'll see what your Duplicate desktop options are for said display.

Please note that duplicate does mean duplicate. Mirrored displays cannot run at different resolutions or refresh rates. Your right display will likely be stuck at 1920x1080@60hz while duplicated. As it is unlikely the TV supports 2560x1440.