Question 4 missing pins on MSI Z370 / LGA 1151

Jul 4, 2020
Hello community,

Recently I was scammed as I bought used motherboard with 4 broken pins, trying to buy it cheaper.

I was angry because of it, here in my country everything goes slowly, so they will not give me back my money.

After few months I was re-watching motherboard and I saw that 4 broken pins are not important, of course not as data pins.

So broken pins are two VSS, one VCC, and one RSVD. I was lucky as I can be in cases of broken pins because pins next to them are mostly data pins.
As I don't have processor for it, if someone knows will it work, I will buy processor and continue with set up.
As I know two VSS will not make problems, RSVD (Reserved pin) neither, VCC too, but I'm not guy who knows much about it, and my question is would it work normally and does these 4 pin in group can do damage on processor, I may buy i3-9100F for start without overclocking.

Thank's to all in advance.