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4 or 8gb, and at what speed?


Oct 11, 2010
I'm doing my first gaming pc build in the next few weeks and I have decided on an AM3 based mobo and an x4 965 BE (proc). I'm only going to be overclocking the processor so I am wondering what a good RAM speed would be. If I bought 1600 MHz RAM I would have to manually overclock it right? Lastly, is 4 gb of RAM going to be enough memory for heavy gaming for the foreseeable future, or should I get 8?

Thanks for your time.


Feb 17, 2010

Not all new Mobo's do, I've got an 890 chipset and it is only dual channel. Only Intel boards support triple channel memory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple-channel_architecture I'm using 4GB DDR3 and its just fine for gaming, and from what I've heard, going over 4GB of RAM is overkill. I suggest you buy the 4GB dual channel kit and save some cash as well.
^ Hold your horses!!! - Any AMD MOBO is a Dual/Quad Channel MOBO so everything is in PAIRS.

4GB (2X2GB) and the speed is based upon what's supported by you MOBO. In general 1600 MHz is the 'normal' for most OC.

You do NOT want to get a Tri Channel kit!!! In addition, before buying any memory: 1. Goto the MOBO website and look for Certified RAM, or 2. Goto the RAM Mfg website and use the RAM CONFIGURATION tools to look for Tested RAM.

Goo Luck! :)
Most people wouldn't know the difference between 1333 and 1600. Depending on your motherboard over clocking can be by a push of a button, through software on your desktop to adjustments in the bios. If you're only going to OC the processor you can change the multiplier for a quick OC. However, getting faster ram may help. Personally I'd get really fast ram, lower my multiplier and run the ram til it dropped. Then I would mess with the multiplier.
The tri channel stuff............. haste makes waste. The only tri channel boards are socket 1366. Bad call on that poster.
"DEANO" you disappoint me....LOL


Jul 28, 2010

Well, AMD can't go triple channel. Best answer - careful...

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