Question 4 pin analogue LED header cable and its compatibility with 3 pin digital LED header

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Any idea whether I can use "standard" [well, pretty much so] 4 pin LED analogue cable [e.g. this one] for my AsRrock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard, which uses both 4 pin LED analogue and 3 pin LED digital headers, in 3 pin LED digital header? And rightafter use it for digital LED stripes?

I'm planning to utilize both headers, since my LED stripes are digital and also reservoir is DRGB, and CPU block [EKWB Vector] and GPU block [EKWB Vector RTX or whatever it's called, for the 2080Ti/2080] use ARGB stripes.

Please advise

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P.S.: As far as my "theory" for now goes is, that they use the same physical interface, and channeling is identical, since pin 0 is pin 0 at the end of the extender, pin 1 is pin 1, etc. And whilst ARGB uses pin 0 - pin 3 [4 channels, A goes to A, B goes to B, C goes to C and Dgoes to D], DRGB uses pin 0 and ommits pin 1, and continues up to pin 3 [3 channels A2A, 00<- this one is ommited], C2C and D2D]. It might be A2A, B2B, 00 and D2D, but You've got the picture.
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