4 pins from 20+4 connector to graphics card

Feb 9, 2019
CPU-Intel Celeron G3930 @ 2.90GHz
Motherboard-Acer Aspire TC-780(KBL) (U3E1)
Ram-4.00GB Single-Channel@ 1064MHz
psu-EMBOSS 550W (FV-550R)
GPU-Zotac 1060 Mini 6GB

im trying to upgrade i didnt think about the connectors graphics card had so i was wondering if i have to upgrade my psu too in this case

The cpu will bottleneck your gpu, also you have only 4GBs of ram.
Atleast quad core per recommended (i5-6th or 7th gen since it says its supported, keep your old cpu in case of needing bios flash).
8gb minimum nowdays.
Corsair cx550/m 2017(you have M variant with modular cables) model CP-9020121-NA
or Seasonic s2 520 which is kinda cheaper option.
I would not use that psu cause it only exists on one specific site...
I've found Delta PSU for you, which I have here, but that requires heavy modding, i've made myself 2x6pin connectors from it (requires moderate knowledge to do that).

There are like EVGA 500B used for 30$ from one seller (wont mention his name), but its used.
I really dont know, either get a good psu and it will last, rather than spending on a junk that will and may kill your whole system.

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